Monday, May 30, 2011


yeah!!!new sem start today on 30 May 2011..seriously im still in holiday mood.. 3weeks not enough ok..kejap sangat cuti...serious tak puas cuti...huhuhu...:'(

but its sem, new spirit, new room, n new friends.. but still the old me...:) you know what it was very shock this morning when im going to class alone without friends...its will be ok with me without you..InsyaAllah...Allah always with me to fight whatever obstacle that i have to a strong girl..strong ke???AHAHAH...strong lah wei...ann kot.. :p

start from today, i will make it sure that i will study damn hard and smart..i wanna beat others who get excellent in their studies...AAHHAHA.. tinggi sungguh cita-cita kamu ni ann....boleh ke tercapai??HAHAHA...tak apa, buat sehabis baik as long as kau not let your parents disappointed  with you ann..:)

ok dah...sampai sini sahaja ye..AHAHAH...

poyo lebey..HAHAH

ari selasa memang tak best!!


  1. lama x singgah cni, wah dh maju blog kau..tahniah2

  2. AHHAHAHa...2lh...kau mmg bkn nk snggah blog kau 2 ubah bg cntk lg...AHHAHA